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Various locations in Hell, I will add them as I re-map the areas. lvl 7-12

Vampire’s Tomb

Located in Tangerine, 2 hours of fun with your own harem of level 17 vampires.


Similar to the mobs found on Caly, these do work for codex but you must

Hendrix Dragon

MISSION: ‘The Passions of Vampire Clarice’ wiki EL external links open in new tab

Rise of the Lycans

BROKER: Bartos the Lycan Rock Vampires and HELL Vampires work for this mission chain. #1

The Tale of Vampire LeCroix

BROKER: Vampire LeCroix #1 kill 100 Phasm #2 kill 500 Phasm #3 kill 1000 Phasm #4 kill 5000 Phasm

The Curse of Vampire Ciera

BROKER: Vampire Ciera #1 kill 100 Morrison Dragons #2 kill 500 Morrison Dragons #3 kill

Vampire Chick

These are the objective in the ‘Rise of the Lycans’ mission chain. /wp …go back

Player Owned Instances

UK Fashion Basement – Soul – lvl 8 Zomhattan St Boyz Wasted Rockstar Basement [134314,