Vacation Home

An instance where you can hunt as well as grow the various types of pot plants. It’s different than all the others (where you are awarded loot only upon completion) as you get loot as you kill mobs in this one. Requires a ROCKbuck stack to enter (refine 10 ROCKbucks to make a stack). located behind Club Neverdie next to the travel agent, use the walkie-talkie to contact the pilot.

Coral Snakes

The Collective instances: back on Rock
Two instances where you can trade the weed you grow in the Vacation Home instance for processed marijuana products. Requires a TRC guest pass to enter (only lootable in the below player instances and if someone wants to sell any). There have been rumors of a Golden Bong, it may be in here.

Copy Old Harlem Collective

more to come…