Located in Zomhattan, this is full of Werewolf Leaders (lvl 18) that when slaying these triggers a spawn of a tamable Dhampyre pet. I do not know about taming so I leave this to the discussion below, but please do not post any exploits or spoilers.

In order to play in the BioDome you must hold a Zombie Vaccine (tradeable), there are two ways to get this item, so if you decide to trade yours for the Mindkey (non-tradable key to a side mission in the Proxy instance in HELL that takes a crafted Green Hack Code) you can still earn another vaccine to have access to the BioDome.

First, and original way to Zombie Vaccine – Secret Island (SI) and Island Girl (Tina Lieu Temple Guardian), starting with Ruxx and Kongs for a map pieces, then a lot of Gorillas, some Temple Run instances, a couple Kongs. PCF link <– external links open in new tab


Beware of Kong – Kong Idol Spawn

War on the Horizon – Collect

  • 5 Kong Bloods
  • 3 Fire Essence
  • 3 Water Essence
  • 3 Forest Essence
  • 1 Crystal Skull

Second, and the long way to Zombie Vaccine- Break the law, get and complete NWO Prison sentence, complete The Cure mission for this vaccine reward. It sounds easy when it’s put like this LOL.

There is a “Rogue Trader” NPC in the penthouse of the Chelsea building that exchanges various items for loots. I went to him and exchanged the Zombie Vaccine and received a Mindkey. i gather this is used to start Virus Kong waves in Hell. My only problem is that this Mindkey is not tradeable, while the Zombie Vaccine is.

~PCF: Fyrs Fyrs Yced