Boot Camp – National Guard

To unlock this mission chain ‘The Road to War’ must be completed.

***Important note – ensure you have your BAMF Tactical Radio in your inventory before the last kill on each mission. some will try to update immediately after the last kill and others by sending you to an NPC that updates it. In each case, if you do not have the radio in your inventory (top level, not inside of a container) the mission will bug and you will have to abandon it and start it over. (PCF Consolidated Rocktropia Guide 2016)

Boot CampKill Zombies to Join Zombie Defense Squadwiki
Boot Camp 1 – Trail By Firekill 50 ZombiesCopy Drill Sgt. Breakrez WPwiki
Boot Camp 2 – Bring The Painkill 100 ZombiesCopy Cpt. Gruber WPwiki
Boot Camp 3 – BioDome Defensekill 500 ZombiesCopy Sgt. Ortiz WP wiki
Boot Camp 4 – Hell Weekkill 5000 ZombiesCopy Ins. Rufio WPwiki
Boot Camp 5 – Graduationkill 10000 ZombiesCopy Cmd. Striker WPwiki
Community Serviceyeah, this one has its own page for discussion!Copy National Guard Officer WP discussion here
National Guard – Tryoutskill1000 Zombies Copy BRAVO Co. WP wiki
Weapons Handling 1.29 PED
National Guard – Support Reconkill 3000 ZombiesCopy Corp.FOXTROT Co. WPwiki
Combat Reflexes 3.86 PED
National Guard – Search for Charlie Companykill 5000 ZombiesCopy Sgt. Bishop CHARLIE Company WP

-Fly to top of building then go down 3 or so collapsed floors
National Guard – Power Grid ProtectionKill 10000 ZombiesCopy Maj.XRAY Co. WPwiki
Aim 12.88 PED
National Guard – The Advancekill 15000 Zombies Copy Petty-Cpt.GAMMA Co WP

Then Return to Copy Corp.FOXTROT Co. WP
Aim 19.31 PED
ZDF stuff opens up after you are done with the guard. Secret stash of ______ just past PvPMust do both the control room levels to finish this chain.repeatble
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