Hey DJ!

REQUIREMENT: ‘Treys City of Dreams Tour’

BROKER: Trey in New Harlem

Copy Trey's WP to Clipboard

OBJECTIVE: Get your mobile phone/cell phone and CND guest pass for the club.

Mission NameObjectiveWaypoints
Welcome to ROCKtropia Speak to Big BoyCopy Big Boy's WP
Speak to Tipsy Tony at end of line
Speak to Lying Larry inside pawnshop next door to club
At The Club… Speak to Big Boy at club again
Speak to Gus at petrol station across the road and get gold coin he also has ‘A Tank with No Gas’ mission, might need the phone first…
Go back to Big Boy
Go back to Gus and get glam ingot
Give glam ingot to Big Boy and get next mission Go to try east down the road. Mission locator will show the way
speak to Boris the bum close to try. mission locator will show the way
Go to dumpster, get smokes mission locator will show the way
Go to Boris and give smokes mission locator will show the way
Go to Big Boy and give Rocktropia record This gives you access to the club Guest Pass
Speak to Tiffany on dance floor in Noobs Club for cocktail
Give Cynthia (on dance floor @ Noobs Club) the drink and she will give you a cellphone


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