The Company Missions

PCF, Dix Handley: 6/22/2017

Oh BTW on of the first Company Missions ( Don’t recall the name) in which you’re sent out to assasinate someone is bugged. You get a rifle and some cool company mission “Fake Police” clothes, but then you’re sent to a wp and the victim never appears. This mission was back in the old Evil Cathedral land area when I did it, but it was moved when that area was closed. But no worries, you are able to continue on and do other company missions and keep the cool clothes.
Only problem is that these clothes and the Company Assasins clothe are (L) and only .05 tt value! I know some Avas that did this in the early days already lots their clothes due to having to take them off. It would be nice if this were fixed considering the length of prison mission chain.