Pre-NWO Max Security Prison

Prison chat channel

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Antonio Hatchet North of Tangerine:
Copy Antonio WP
kill 30 Soulshakers to get the combo to the safe. If he does not talk to you check with Mobil Mike
Get the lockpick out of the dumpsterCopy Lockpick WP
Get to the Dance Studio:
Copy Dance Studio WP
Find the safe up stairs. Put any combination in. It does not matter anymore. Kill the cops and then it well send you to prison. Head to the entrance and they will get you started on the massive prison chain.
Copy Booking Officer WP
yeah, just head to the prison front gate and the intake officer will set you up with a Prison ID Card. Then it’s all about doing your time.

After messing with the safe, only 1 cop spawns. It usually gets killed instantly by a turret, so needs to abandon and redo the safe mission until the cop spawns far enough from turret. The mission says you need to kill 60 cops, but killing that one completes it. Then it tells you to go to prison and talk to the Booking Officer. Here I got stuck, as talking to the Booking Officer instantly kills me.

PCF, Svarog: 4/21/2017
Front doors of NWO max security facility & Prison ID card

NWO Max Security Prison

REQUIRED: Pre-NWO Prison list

Prison chat channel

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If you are not serving your sentence (no prison ID card), then you are a visitor! You may come and go as you please. There is a one-way TP on the 3rd floor, teleport chips and flying work fine also. Don’t try to walk down the stairs to get there, jump the railing. You can also ride the RT teleport system with 1 Rockbuck, these are the round yellow TPs and there is one on the 0 floor with the shops in solitary.

Serving Your Time

There are NO storage or auctions available in prison, just TT and crafting machine. There are SHOPS in solitary. Talk to the guard at the bottom of the stairs in the main room, go to floor 0.

Televator: Roof to Seg housing (big room) Copy WP to televator

If you leave the prison during this entire mission chain you will be considered a snitch and incur an additional penalty mission requiring you to kill 200 prisoners before your normal prison mission will continue.

Tier 1

Cellmate PoliticsSantanakill 50 InmatesCombat Relexes
Ox and PalsOx kill 20 Inmates Aim
Freaky PhongPhongkill 1 player in PvPnone
Lights! Camera! Distraction!Jimmy Lightskill 40 Prison Guards Inflict Ranged Damage
Show of ForceFreemankill 5 players in PvP. none
 Sissy SituationBrittanykill 50 Sissys Weapons Handling
D Block Mafia MemorySalKill 30 Zomhatten St BoyzLight Melee Weapons
2 Timez Two Times2-Timez Kill 50 Zomhatten St Boyz Wounding
Cranked OutCrankkill 5 players in PvPnone
Crisis InterventionHectorLongblades
Die Rat DieMousekill 40 InmatesMelee Combat
Tick Or TrotterTrotterkill 80 Northern Hitman Shortblades
Promotion TimeTinykill 10 players in PvP1 Rocktropia Gold Coin

Tier 2

The Rico ActRicokill 100 Prison GuardsRifle
Chesters PawnChesterkill 10
players in PvP
5 Rocktropia Gold Coin
Make Your B-RollB-Rollkill 100 InmatesPower Fist
Brixton BassBrixton kill 200 InmatesHandgun
Moreno Moreno MorenoMoreno kill 200 Prison GuardsDiagnosis
Pass the SoapBubbles kill 300 Inmates Bioregenesis ~14 PED
Dred The Pirate Dred Mong Kill 150 InmatesConcentration ~2 PED
 The Damien Diamond Riot Damien Diamond kill 500 InmatesDodge ~17 PED
The Rob Report Rob-D Kill 20 Players in PvP5 ROCKtropia Gold Coin

Tier 3

 Corrupted C.O. SweepCesar kill 300 Prison Guards Evade ~8 PED
Smileys Product RunSmiley kill 300 InmatesDexterity ~2 PED
Snakebite I  Snake kill 200 Prison GuardsAlertness ~2 PED
Jags and JugularsJagskill 500 D-Block Mafia MembersPerception ~13 PED
 Playboys Painful Pleasure
NOTE: During the dialogue to obtain this mission you are given a choice of answers. If you select the wrong answer he calls you a snitch (get the reset mission) kill any 50 prison mobs. Then return to him.
Playboy kill 500 D-Block Mafia MembersMelee Combat 2.43 PED
 Jokers Laugh Joker kill 800 Prison Guards Bioregenesis
Hackers HellHackerkill 1000 Zomhatten St Boyz Handgun
Bosco the BossBoscokill 100 PvP Players 50 Rocktropia Gold Coins

Tier 4

Whistlerkill 5000 Inmates Explosives (2200 -> 3100)
Jacksonkill 5000 Zomhattan boys Bravado 8.8 PED
General Martinezkill 5000 InmatesCoolness 9.76 PED
Bugged?The Black Hole Between Martinez and Chevnosky has its own discussion!
Chevnoskykill 5000 D-Block MafiaMelee Combat 22.15 PED
Sniperkill 5000 C.O.sRifle 26.41 PED
Mr. Xkill 5000 InmatesCombat Sense 15.57 PED
Mamba Kill 100 players then Kill 10000 inmates and avoid S.O.R.T officers (dont kill one)
you have to find Captain Bosscerlli
hint: Search ALL the cells
If I was to post the location, what would be the challenge?
Don’t forget to have fun!
Shortblade 25 PED; Silver keys
Enforcer (Enforcer)

Then… On to The Great Escape !! Congratz!


It has been said that this tamable spawns in NWO Prison. That is all that I can share, as I do not like to spread rumors and I don’t know much about this one, but do feel free to discuss below!!

wikiEL 2016 <– shared loot, I don’t think this is the pet Boxer
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Entropiapets <– external link

Pet Data Sheet <– external link

NWO Prison bug?

The Black Hole Between Martinez and Chevnosky

Many Entropians seem to be stuck here, and many rumors of how to get on with the chain to get the key.

If I observed correctly, those Entropians that held a key for just coming and going from NWO Prison during there sentence were able to go on with no problems; and those that rented or borrowed a key and had to start the escape missions to give the key back immediately seem to be in trouble.


Q: Have you began The Great Escape mission?

Q: Have you began The Cure or The Company Missions?

Q: Have you ever been able to take the Yard Workout missions?

NWO Prison Yard Missions

Prison chat channel

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The Yard Missions

these can be done while doing your ‘NWO Prison Time’

NOTE: Certain prison mission progression must be met before theses open up.

10 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill 100 Inmates 80 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
20 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 200 Inmates160 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
30 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill 1000 Inmates85 hooch
40 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2500 Inmates150 clicks teleman coin BP
50 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 3500 Inmates10 Rocktropia rollies
60lb Dumbbell WorkoutKill 4000 Inmates160 hooch
70 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill (bugged ?)unknown
80 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2500 Inmates20 Prison Hooch
& 100 click Rolled Smokes BP
90lb Dumbbell WorkoutKill 10,000 Inmates200 clicks teleman coin
100 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2000 Inmates ?100 clicks teleman coins
300 lb. Dumbbell workoutKill 10,000 Inmates75 ped Shotcallers shank
& 100 click Teleman coin BP
100 lb. Prison Bench PressKill 1000 Zomhattan St Boyzunknown
Prison Curl Workout
– opens after final Tier 2 mission
Kill 100 Guards 50 Rocktropia Gold Coin

NWO Prison Penalty

Prison chat channel

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When you leave NWO Prison as an inmate (had an ID card issued to you) and then return to the security facility there will be an extra 200 Inmates to kill before you are allowed to continue on the missions you may be on.

If you need a mission reset these are the guards to see. They have a 1 hour cool down.

  • Prison Life (Inmate in Main Hall or Inmate between Main Hall and Shower)
  • – kill 50 Inmates Reward
  • – Enables new mission to be started
  • No Way Out Maximum Security Prison (D Block Chow Officer or Solitary Confinement Officer(some of them))
  • – kill 50 Inmates
  • – Enables new mission to be started

I have noticed once I take one of these reset missions, all the other NPCs (such as the one on the stairs going to the one-way TP on 3rd floor) ALL have the cool down, blue exclam over there head. These also do not seem to work the black hole between Martinez and Chevnosky that has its own page for discussion.

The Cure

REQUIRED: NWO Prison mission chain

NPC is Medical Officer inside Company Safe House (where ‘The Company’ missions are) across the street from Harlow Lofts in New Harlem. Mission is to kill 50k points of Intelligent Zombies:

  • Prospects 1 pt
  • Enforcers 2 pts
  • Decomposing 3 pts
  • Nomads 4 pts
  • Outlaws 5 pts

Reward: Company Issued Zombie Vaccine which gives access to the Biodome.

NWO Prison – The Great Escape

Prison chat channel

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Exit the jail: Leave thru the main doors and you will commence the final escape mission

The Great Escape Begins

Get to the Wardens Office /wp [Rocktropia, 135902, 91102, 129, Waypoint]
Find the shed ( /wp [Rocktropia, 135907, 91226, 129, Waypoint] )get thru undetected, you’ll see Houdini near the shipping containers /wp [Rocktropia, 135707, 91356, 130, Waypoint]
Get to the Water Tower /wp [Rocktropia, 135728, 91171, 158, Waypoint]
Survive the fall and return to the Yard

Start a Riot – Obj.: Kill 10,000 inmates or cops

Get to the Roof
Get to the Lighthouse
Signal a boat to the Island
Get to the Docks
Swim out to the Ocean

SHARK ATTACK! – Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks (works well with ‘Hunt for Capt Petter’)

Move location
Check out the Ocean Floor

SHARK ATTACK 2! – Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks

Swim to freedom – head to the small island
Look for the crate of supplies nearby on the beach
Enter the 4 digit code 5879 to disarm the device on the crate.

You receive 1 Strength + 3 Mystery items
Company cellphone
Set of keys, to the Safe House in New Harlem
Top Secret Company files folder
(These allow you to start ‘The Company’ mission chain)

and access to ‘The Cure’ mission that gets you the vaccine that allows you into the BioDome.

The Company Missions

PCF, Dix Handley: 6/22/2017

Oh BTW on of the first Company Missions ( Don’t recall the name) in which you’re sent out to assasinate someone is bugged. You get a rifle and some cool company mission “Fake Police” clothes, but then you’re sent to a wp and the victim never appears. This mission was back in the old Evil Cathedral land area when I did it, but it was moved when that area was closed. But no worries, you are able to continue on and do other company missions and keep the cool clothes.
Only problem is that these clothes and the Company Assasins clothe are (L) and only .05 tt value! I know some Avas that did this in the early days already lots their clothes due to having to take them off. It would be nice if this were fixed considering the length of prison mission chain.

The Hunt for Captain Petter

This is the chain for Crunk Sharks, the puny ones off Camp Crunks do now work for this. This also works nicely with the NWO prison escape sequence.

BROKER: Cpt. Francis

Copy Cpt.Francis WP to Clipboard

#1kill 100 Crunk SharksHandgun (Low TT)
#2kill 500 Crunk SharksAim skill (unknown amount) (old reward? 250 Nova Fragment)
#3kill 1000 Crunk Sharks
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Crunk Shark

Crunk Sharks eat anything they can find, strange loot has been reported. These mobs are part of ‘The Hunt for Captain Petter’ and the ‘NWO prison escape’ sequence.

The newest type are the small but ferocious Dock Sharks off the shores of Camp Crunks, also rumored to have zombie loots because that’s what they eat.

Dock Sharks, off the shores of Camp Crunkslevel 2
do not count for missions
Coral Hustlerlevel 18
Reef Eaterlevel 31
Tooth Assassinlevel 69
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RT Wormhole Teleporters

The yellow glowing circles at various spots all over Rocktropia are for travel, the cost is 1 Rockbuck. There is even one at NWO Prison, on the floor where the shops are located.

ABOUT ROCKBUCKS – two ways to get them

  • Use crafted Bonzo Slim Jims to break into cars
  • Instances, lockpick and keys type drops them in the end loot

Rockbucks are also used for travel to Vacation Home

..! add locations here at a later date *noted

McGrunter Park at the Zombie Waves, Old Harlem