The Road to War

REQUIRED: ‘Hey DJ!’ – ya need your cell phone, in working order

BROKER: Lt. Funk on the street in front of City of Dreams, across from the Walk of Fame.

Copy Lt.Funk WP to Clipboard
Go to cave entrance 136063, 84818
Go to cave exit, the tunnel through the cave is disabled and you will need to run/fly to the other side. 135723, 84998
Go to Main road 135420, 85058
Follow the road north 135128, 85981
Continue down the road 135426, 87127
Get to the center of New Harlem studios 135462, 87998
Get to the docks 135844, 88390
Cross the waters (mission map wp is incorrect) 135756, 89245
Reach the coast of Zomhatten 136490, 90339
Follow the coast 136587, 92028
Keep going 136773, 92709
Head to BAMF HQ 136449, 93062
Speak to Drill Sgt. Breakerz Copy Drill Sgt. Breakerz WP

This is about 8 missions in your completed tab.

Completing this chain will open up the opportunity to do Police Academy and a chance to start the Boot Camp chain for zombies, AND Possibly ‘Call of Duty’ for pop dragons.

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