The Lawn You Keep

Speak with Groundskeeper Billy to get in on this mission chain.

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The TP at Isle of Lost Avatar, you will probably need to run around a bit to get this in your list. The pilot was told to stay up on the platform by his chopper!

MissionObjectiveChoice of
#13200 Kool Kats kill pointsAim 15.8 PED
Anatomy 15.8 PED
BLP Weapon Technology 15.81 PED
#26400 Kool Kats kill pointsCombat Reflexes 31.6 PED
Dexterity 31.59 PED
Handgun 31.62 PED
#312800 kill pointsHeavy melee weapons 63.20 PED
Laser weapon tech 63.24 PED
Longblade 63.24 PED
#412800 kill pointsInflict range damage 82.40 PED
Athletics 82.37 PED
Alertness 82.48 PED
#525600 kill points – repeatableEvade: 82.4 ped
Bioregenisis: 82.37ped
Melee combat: 82.48ped


  • Young 2pts
  • Mature 2pts
  • Old 3pts
  • Provider 4pts
  • Guardian 5pts
  • Dominant 5pts
  • Alpha 6pts
  • Old Alpha 7pts
  • Prowler 8pts
  • Stalker 9pts
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Kool Kat

These mobs are for ‘The Lawn You Keep’ mission chain and the last one is repeatable. these kool blues are located on the only player owned land area on Rock, Isle of Lost Avatar. <– Check out the land area website for specials that are happening there.

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These DO NOT work for Catscapades missions.

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