Crafty Boost

Located at CND Lagoon. Does anyone know anything about this?

Rocky Horror Mafia Show

This is for D-Block Mafia, it has nothing to do with the prison chain, but the rewards are wonderful!

This can easily be done WITH the prison chain.

Talk to the Escaped Boxer at the Lagoon to pick up this chain mission.

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#1kill 3200 D-Block MafiaBioregenesis (eq. 6.11 PED implant)
or Bravado (eq. 6.21 PED implant) or Concentration (eq. 6.33 PED implant)
#2kill 6400 D-Block MafiaCryogenics (eq. 12.42 PED implant)
or Diagnosis (eq. 12.42 PED implant)
or Dodge (eq. 12.42 PED implant)
#3kill 12800 D-Block MafiaElectrokinesis
or Evade
or First Aid
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