Zombie KONG Waves

At the Empire Z building, 17 waves of zombies till the BIG one! Zombie KONG !! the Kong will time out after a while.

Beware of Kong

Kong Idol Spawn

Tina Lieu Temple Guardian, also known as Island Girl

What was once pure has become corrupt. An evil presence lurks in corridors of our sacred temple.


The ruthless pirate ghosts have taken over our temples in search of the sacred idols and the powers they possess.


Every temple on this island houses a sacred idol. These sacred idols contain some of the most powerful magic I have ever seen.

But only the worthy can possess the idol buts it’s only a matter of time until these evil spirits find a way to harness their power. You’re our only hope.

What can I Do?

Travel to the temple of fire, the temple of water and the forest temple and retrieve these sacred idols.

You will also have to find a Kong Map so that I can read it and show you where to go.

Bring these items back to me and I will create a powerful idol that will summon the mighty King Kong.

Where are these temples?

Ask Mogwa downstairs. He knows every inch of this island. I’m sure he can help you find your way.

I’ll be back soon.

Tina Lieu Temple Guardian

add WP for Island Girl, Mogwa and others

COLLECT and take these items back to her:

  • Kong Map
    • collect 7 map pieces (Empire Z Kongs spawned with Ruxx) and refine them to a Kong Map
  • 1 Water Idol
  • 1 Forest Idol
  • 1 Fire Idol

REWARD: Kong Idol and access to Road to War mission for the Zombie Vaccine.