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Demon Hacker, lvl 27

Copy Demon Hacker WP 1 Copy Demon Hacker WP 2

Code Demon, lvl 46

Copy Code Demon WP 1

Cyber Demon

Demon Virus

The AI War

Not to be confused with ‘The Great AI War’ from HELL

Check in with the Presidential Recruiter ( Copy Broker's WP to Clipboard ) at the Club NEVERDIE parking lot to get this mission. You can pick up a free AI pistol and some free ‘cheap a$$’ ammo for it. There is a one day cool down on this NPC.

The objective is to kill 40 AI (Artificial Intelligence) and then return to the Recruiter, the rewards are:

  • Prepaid Credit Card (2 PED TT) – tt will say 0 PED, but it does give you 2 PED.
  • Cheap A$$ Ammo (1 PED TT) – for your AI pistol
    • Paystub – (non-tradable) collect them or refine them into Ruxx code
    • *for every mission turned in: 20 RockBucks Credit towards yearly payout (If you complete 260 missions in a year you can claim the RockBucks credited to your account).
    • * I HERD.. bring 260 pay-stubs to ND and get the reward.. Think about weather the Ruxx code is worth it or not! (could be rumor, discuss below)
AI spawned at the Parking Lot, City of Dreams
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Mystery Box

This powerful box is used to enter competition dungeons. Save these mystery boxes for official events to rack up extra bonus points.


Left overs from when NEVERDIE was involved, these are the keys for the Skeleton Pirate Ships, there is some code that needs entered as soon as you get in, if it is the wrong code you wake up outside of the instance.

The locations for these levels of Mystery Box are on the original SI map.