Belkar Mining Raid

The mission for Belkar mining.

Broker is located at HELL Landing, the stretcher of skeletons.


Mission chain for Demon vengeance points.

30 Pound Dumbbell Workout

The objective is to kill Daikiba. See the apropriate workout station at Muscle Park to sign up.

REQUREMENT: 5 Pound Dumbbell Workout #3

Copy WP to Muscle Park
#1kill 200 DaikibaFirst Aid (0.03 PED equivalent)
#2kill 500 DaikibaDexterity (0.29 PED equivalent)
#3kill 1000 DaikibaAlertness (Unknown amount)
#4kill 5000 DaikibaCourage (Unknown amount)
#5kill 10000 Daikiba
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Rise of the Lycans

BROKER: Bartos the Lycan

Copy Bartos WP to Clipboard

Rock Vampires and HELL Vampires work for this mission chain.

#1kill 100 Vampire
#2kill 500 Vampire
#3kill 1000 Vampire
#4kill 5000 Vampire
#5kill 10,000 Vampire
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NWO Max Security Prison

REQUIRED: Pre-NWO Prison list

Prison chat channel

Copy #doingtime to Clipboard


If you are not serving your sentence (no prison ID card), then you are a visitor! You may come and go as you please. There is a one-way TP on the 3rd floor, teleport chips and flying work fine also. Don’t try to walk down the stairs to get there, jump the railing. You can also ride the RT teleport system with 1 Rockbuck, these are the round yellow TPs and there is one on the 0 floor with the shops in solitary.

Serving Your Time

There are NO storage or auctions available in prison, just TT and crafting machine. There are SHOPS in solitary. Talk to the guard at the bottom of the stairs in the main room, go to floor 0.

Televator: Roof to Seg housing (big room) Copy WP to televator

If you leave the prison during this entire mission chain you will be considered a snitch and incur an additional penalty mission requiring you to kill 200 prisoners before your normal prison mission will continue.

Tier 1

Cellmate PoliticsSantanakill 50 InmatesCombat Relexes
Ox and PalsOx kill 20 Inmates Aim
Freaky PhongPhongkill 1 player in PvPnone
Lights! Camera! Distraction!Jimmy Lightskill 40 Prison Guards Inflict Ranged Damage
Show of ForceFreemankill 5 players in PvP. none
 Sissy SituationBrittanykill 50 Sissys Weapons Handling
D Block Mafia MemorySalKill 30 Zomhatten St BoyzLight Melee Weapons
2 Timez Two Times2-Timez Kill 50 Zomhatten St Boyz Wounding
Cranked OutCrankkill 5 players in PvPnone
Crisis InterventionHectorLongblades
Die Rat DieMousekill 40 InmatesMelee Combat
Tick Or TrotterTrotterkill 80 Northern Hitman Shortblades
Promotion TimeTinykill 10 players in PvP1 Rocktropia Gold Coin

Tier 2

The Rico ActRicokill 100 Prison GuardsRifle
Chesters PawnChesterkill 10
players in PvP
5 Rocktropia Gold Coin
Make Your B-RollB-Rollkill 100 InmatesPower Fist
Brixton BassBrixton kill 200 InmatesHandgun
Moreno Moreno MorenoMoreno kill 200 Prison GuardsDiagnosis
Pass the SoapBubbles kill 300 Inmates Bioregenesis ~14 PED
Dred The Pirate Dred Mong Kill 150 InmatesConcentration ~2 PED
 The Damien Diamond Riot Damien Diamond kill 500 InmatesDodge ~17 PED
The Rob Report Rob-D Kill 20 Players in PvP5 ROCKtropia Gold Coin

Tier 3

 Corrupted C.O. SweepCesar kill 300 Prison Guards Evade ~8 PED
Smileys Product RunSmiley kill 300 InmatesDexterity ~2 PED
Snakebite I  Snake kill 200 Prison GuardsAlertness ~2 PED
Jags and JugularsJagskill 500 D-Block Mafia MembersPerception ~13 PED
 Playboys Painful Pleasure
NOTE: During the dialogue to obtain this mission you are given a choice of answers. If you select the wrong answer he calls you a snitch (get the reset mission) kill any 50 prison mobs. Then return to him.
Playboy kill 500 D-Block Mafia MembersMelee Combat 2.43 PED
 Jokers Laugh Joker kill 800 Prison Guards Bioregenesis
Hackers HellHackerkill 1000 Zomhatten St Boyz Handgun
Bosco the BossBoscokill 100 PvP Players 50 Rocktropia Gold Coins

Tier 4

Whistlerkill 5000 Inmates Explosives (2200 -> 3100)
Jacksonkill 5000 Zomhattan boys Bravado 8.8 PED
General Martinezkill 5000 InmatesCoolness 9.76 PED
Bugged?The Black Hole Between Martinez and Chevnosky has its own discussion!
Chevnoskykill 5000 D-Block MafiaMelee Combat 22.15 PED
Sniperkill 5000 C.O.sRifle 26.41 PED
Mr. Xkill 5000 InmatesCombat Sense 15.57 PED
Mamba Kill 100 players then Kill 10000 inmates and avoid S.O.R.T officers (dont kill one)
you have to find Captain Bosscerlli
hint: Search ALL the cells
If I was to post the location, what would be the challenge?
Don’t forget to have fun!
Shortblade 25 PED; Silver keys
Enforcer (Enforcer)

Then… On to The Great Escape !! Congratz!


These have not given a mission since Next Island got codex, but on the bright side the mobs still work for any remaining mission you hold here, NI codex and some of NI missions.

Found at ND 500 Raceway Copy QUESTBOT WP to Clipboard

  • Brown Papoo
  • Death Drake
  • Grey Papoo
  • Mountain Boar
  • Pirate Skeleton
  • Red Papoo
  • Shark, plain; not Island or Great White
  • Snow Drake
  • Storm Drake
  • Village Boar
  • Vulcan Drake
  • Wild Boar
  • Yellow Papoo

The History of Vampire Helena

BROKER: The Grave of Helena

Copy Helena WP to Clipboard
#1kill 100 Werewolves
#2kill 500 Werewolves
#3kill 1000 Werewolves
#4kill 5000 Werewolves
#5kill 10,000 Werewolves
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Vampire Wars

BROKER: Vampress Guard Casandra

Copy Evil Cathedral WP to Clipboard
#1Kill 100 Wolves (Scavenger / White / Sacred)
#2Kill 500 Wolves
#3Kill 1000 Wolves
#4 Kill 5000 Wolves
#5 Kill 10,000 Wolves
#6 Kill ? Wolves, then becomes repeatable!Aim 7.13 PED
Weapons Handling 7.13 PED
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Assisting Mahone

See Officer Mahone in Old Harlem to sign up for this mission of helping with the City Wolf problem.

Copy Mahone WP to Clipboard
MissionCity WolfChoice of Reward
#13200 kill pointsAim (0.9 PED)
or Weapons Handling (0.9 PED)
or Melee Combat(0.29 PED)
#26400 kill pointsAnatomy (1.8 PED)
or Athletics (1.17PED)
or Bravado (0.58 PED)
#312800 kill pointsHandgun (3.6 PED)
or clubs (2.33PED)
or Electrokinesis (1.17 PED)
#425600 kill pointsRifle (7.20 PD)
or Ranged Damage (4.67 PED)
or First Aid (2.33 PED)
#551200 kill pointsIncrease Cryogenics
or Electrokinesis
or First Aid skill (4.67 PED)

Young = 2 Credits
Mature = 4 Credits
Old = 7 Credits
Provider = 11 Credits
Guardian = 13 Credits
Dominant = 16 Credits
Alpha = 20 Credits
Old Alpha = 25 Credits
Prowler = 28 Credits
Stalker = 34 Credits

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200 Pound Benchpress Workout

These are similar to the Hiryuu on Caly and do work for codex, but you will need to return to Caly to collect the reward.

The object of this chain is to kill Hiryuu. You can sign up at the appropriate workout station at Muscle Park.

Copy Muscle Park WP to Clipboard
#1kill 100 HiryuuAlertness (0.15 PED equivalent)
#2kill 500 HiryuuDexterity (0.91 PED equivalent)
#3kill 1000 HiryuuDodge
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Police Academy

REQUIRED: ‘The Road to War’ mission.

Troll Removal Service
Copy Lt Funk WP to Clipboardkill 50 Forum TrollsAim (eq. 0.05 PED implant)
#2 Soulshaker Invation
Copy Stg.Baker WP to Clipboardkill 100 SoulshakersCombat Reflexes 
The Graduation Years
Copy Sgt.Shramsky WP to Clipboardkill 300 SoulshakersROCKtropia Police Radio & Badge

Forum Trolls and Soulshakers can be found along South Gate Road, from the Club all the way down to the Tigers and around the clock tower at the Ballister Apartments and….

wiki note: trolls up in Harlem don’t count

TIP: Crib Raid 1 is full of Soulshakers, and the Lockpick 1 is a TT BP from any Technician.

With your badge and radio the repeatable ‘Police Missions‘ are unlocked.

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The Hatred of Vampire Stephano

This is the Foul mission chain, from Evil Cathedral interact with the headstone.

Copy Broker WP to Clipboard
#1kill 100 Foul
Aim (eq. 0.64 PED implant)
#2kill 500 Foul250 Nova Fragment
#3kill 1000 FoulEvade (0.60 ped)
#4kill 5000 Foul
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NEVERDIE Dragon Control

BROKER: Sgt. Hendi

Copy Sgt Hendi WP to Clipboard
#1kill 100 NEVERDIE Dragons1 point additional Agility
#2kill 500 NEVERDIE Dragons250 Nova Fragment
#3kill 1000 NEVERDIE DragonsLaser weaponry technology, ca 30.5 ped
#4kill 5000 NEVERDIE Dragons
#5kill 10K NEVERDIE Dragons
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Castle Passage

BROKER: Other Gatekeeper Skull

Copy Lemmy Mission WP to Clipboard
#1 Code:
2nd choice
then 1st
then 1st
finally 2nd
kill 100 Lemmy Dragons
#2 Code:
kill 500 Lemmy DragonsCombat Reflex

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Similar to the mobs found on Caly, these do work for codex but you must return to Caly to collect the rewards.

These are the objective in the ‘30 Pound Dumbbell Workout‘ mission chain.

Copy WP small Daikiba to Clipboard
Copy WP Daikiba to Clipboard
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See Sgt.Cortiz, south of Panta Ridge to pick up this mission chain. The objective is to kill Wild Cats (Panthers, Tigers, Cougars, Leopards, Cheetahs).

The Puny Panthers and Kool Kats do not count.

Copy Sgt Cortiz WP to Clipboard

#1kill 100 Wild CatsAthletics
#2kill 250 Wild CatsCourage (1.12 tt)
#3kill 250 Wild CatsDexterity
#4kill 4200 Wild CatsStamina (84 Stanima tokens)
-reward info taken from PCF & wiki
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