Crib Raids

To enter a raid you will need a crafted lockpick, the level 1 BP is available at the Technicians.

After level 1, if you DIE, YOUR INSTANCE WILL BE OVER!

Team door is next to the solo door.

For best results

  • repair the lockpick to full TT
  • shoot out all the glass you come across
  • leave no mob standing
  • roll the die for a ‘Lucky 7’, or was that ‘Snake Eyes’?
  • shoot BOTH SIDES of any infrared security zappers you may find

Inside you will find some thugs, there are 4 vixens and if you are lucky one of the brunettes will be tamable, then you drop down to some zombies, then up the stairs back to thugs and of course there is a safe to loot at the end.

Crib LevelWaypoint
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Harlem Hustlers
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VI [135254, 87863, 122]VI [135254, 87863, 122]
VII [135415, 88118, 105]VII [135419, 88117, 105]
VIII [135683, 87923, 118]VIII [135683, 87923, 118]
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