Bar Fly & Motorhead Madness

Completing these missions will open up the hourly ‘Bar Job’ mission.

The Bar FlySee Alia, the bartender at Billy’s Barcollect 30 kegsAlia WP to Clipboard
Motorhead MadnessGet to the Beer Pondgive 30 kegs to AliaStadium WP to Clipboard

Talk to Alia the bartender at Billy’s Bar, she needs 30 kegs. Get to the Stadium Beer Garden (beer pond) and collect 30 kegs, they spawn like oil at the docks or at HTT.

OBJECTIVE: Give 30 kegs to Alia, the bartender at Billy’s Bar

REWARD: Road Crew Axe (L) (L) (1 ped tt)

Bar Fly wiki – Motorhead Madness wiki
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