The Cure

REQUIRED: NWO Prison mission chain

NPC is Medical Officer inside Company Safe House (where ‘The Company’ missions are) across the street from Harlow Lofts in New Harlem. Mission is to kill 50k points of Intelligent Zombies:

  • Prospects 1 pt
  • Enforcers 2 pts
  • Decomposing 3 pts
  • Nomads 4 pts
  • Outlaws 5 pts

Reward: Company Issued Zombie Vaccine which gives access to the Biodome.


Located in Zomhattan, this is full of Werewolf Leaders (lvl 18) that when slaying these triggers a spawn of a tamable Dhampyre pet. I do not know about taming so I leave this to the discussion below, but please do not post any exploits or spoilers.

In order to play in the BioDome you must hold a Zombie Vaccine (tradeable), there are two ways to get this item, so if you decide to trade yours for the Mindkey (non-tradable key to a side mission in the Proxy instance in HELL that takes a crafted Green Hack Code) you can still earn another vaccine to have access to the BioDome.

First, and original way to Zombie Vaccine – Secret Island (SI) and Island Girl (Tina Lieu Temple Guardian), starting with Ruxx and Kongs for a map pieces, then a lot of Gorillas, some Temple Run instances, a couple Kongs. PCF link <– external links open in new tab


Beware of Kong – Kong Idol Spawn

War on the Horizon – Collect

  • 5 Kong Bloods
  • 3 Fire Essence
  • 3 Water Essence
  • 3 Forest Essence
  • 1 Crystal Skull

Second, and the long way to Zombie Vaccine- Break the law, get and complete NWO Prison sentence, complete The Cure mission for this vaccine reward. It sounds easy when it’s put like this LOL.

There is a “Rogue Trader” NPC in the penthouse of the Chelsea building that exchanges various items for loots. I went to him and exchanged the Zombie Vaccine and received a Mindkey. i gather this is used to start Virus Kong waves in Hell. My only problem is that this Mindkey is not tradeable, while the Zombie Vaccine is.

~PCF: Fyrs Fyrs Yced