Police Calls

These locations need checked, from before re-maping.

REQUIRED: ‘Police Academy’, you must have your police badge, police radio and a working cell phone in your inventory.

These are all repeatable, I’m not sure there is even a cool down timer.

ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-57Copy WPKill 40 Mulholland BoysCurrently NO ROCKtropian Gold Coins !!
ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-66Copy WPKill 60 Stereo Jackers ROCKtropian Gold Coins wiki
ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-88Copy WPKill 60 Harlem Hustlers4000 ROCKtropian Gold Coins wiki
ROCKtropia Police Call: 11-25
Copy WPKill 20 Soulshakers20 ROCKtropian Gold Coins wiki
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Once you pass over a location that has one of these missions a pop-up will ask you if you would like to respond to the call. You can have one or all of these missions at a time.

If you haven’t picked one of these up in a long while you should see Mobile Mike at his fix-it stand.