These are known to both NI and SI, the mission chain for these come from NI.

Brown – Grey – Red – Yellow (and Petit)

Brown PapoowikiEL
Grey PapoowikiEL
Red PapoowikiEL
Yellow PapoowikiEL
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Petit Papoo

These are only on SI, not Next Island.

The Petit Brown Papoo (except the Stalker) do not attack, in fact if you try sweating one it will run away – much like a Chirpy, Gibnib or Fugabarba.

The Petit Red Papoo will attack if sweated. The Young can easily be sweated dry then they will follow you around like an annoying little pet that keeps trying to bite and scratch you. Their attacks are so pathetic, however, that you can just ignore them. If you have one Young following you it will continue to attack, thus giving you Evade skill sometimes, and your health can naturally restore without fear of ever dying – even a new player with no armor can try this.

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