Another Secret Island exclusive mob! These drop the CND Banana that you will need to travel back to Rock.

‘Do it for Archie’ is the mission chain for gorilla kill points and a very nice source of great skill rewards.

These also drop the Skull keys for the ‘Temple Runs’ to collect the goodies for the Zombie Vaccine for the Biodome, and if you are lucky in the waves and with the KONGs you will get the ever so rare and valuable Kong Bloods.

OH! Did I mention the Gorilla Pets? The tamable just spawn where you are killing gorillas.

Gorilla Pets – Island Gorillas – Mountain Gorillas – Kong Gorillas

Island Gorilla

Level 8

Water Skull, Island Gorilla Pet

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Mountain Gorilla

Level 15

Forest Skull, Mountain Gorilla Pet, Kong blood (blood is during the KONG boss at waves)

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Kong Gorilla

Level 35

Fire Skull, Kong Gorilla Pet

wikiEL with king kong reg with shared loot
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