Talk to Tina Lieu

War is on the horizon. I sense a great power and darkness in the universe.


Reality is a fragile thing. It consists of many layers. Some are physical as the rain from the heavens and some are spiritual as the soul within you that drive your existence.

These forces of nature be them simple or complex all contain enournous power that cannot be tampered with.

I’m afraid I sense a dark entity that dwels on a distant planet whos desires compel it to control, manipulate and destroy these sacred forces.


The forces of good and evil will use this universe as a battleground to determine the fate of reality.

Both sides are prepping their armies for war. This entity I speak of controls the dark army. It is powerful and unforgiving, methodical and calculated. Brutal and sophisticated. It is for these reasons I fear our very existence is at stake.

What can I Do?

I sense great bravery and power in you. Your spirit is pure and true. But be warned. The power and evil of the dark army is seductive.

A heros path os often a journey filled with twists and turns. When the time comes you will have to make a decision and I pray that you do not step from the light into the shadows.

Every journey begins with a few steps.

What Steps?

Before you can face the darkness you will need a sacred medicine that can defend you from a powerful virus.

This island has all the ingredients I need to create this magical antidote. Collect these items for me and I will make one for you .

Tina Lieu

COLLECT and take back to Island Girl:

REWARD: Zombie Vaccine – full access to the biodome, or trade it for the (non-treadeable) Mindkey with the trader at the Chelsea Fight Club.