SI Missions

Since codex arrived on Next Island things have become a bit confusing as far as missions on SI go. All the mobs that are common to NI have codex advancement opportunities, some missions were SI born but now Entropians can not take the next mission in the chain for SI mobs. These SI missions that you already have can be completed.

Beware of KongKong Idol SpawnBio-DomeTina Lieu Temple Guardian
Hunt Things I (Gorillas)Accumulate 3200 Glory Points by hunting GorillasGorillasArchibald Monkster
War on the horizonCollect 5 Kong Bloods, 3 Fire Essence, 3 Water Essence, 3 Forest Essence, 1 Crystal Skull Bio-Dome Tina Lieu Temple Guardian
Do It for ArchieGorilla kill points
/wp [Secret Island, 37630, 19937, 295, Archie Monkster]
Gorillas Archibald Monkster
QUESTBOT Kill Brown Papoo worth 1000 pointsBrown PapooND 500 Raceway
QUESTBOT (Pirate Skeleton) Stage 1Kill Pirate Skeleton worth 1000 pointsPirate SkeletonND 500 Raceway