These are the source for Rotten Bananas, it takes one Rotten Banana to travel to Secret Island (SI) and a CND Banana to return from SI. CND Bananas are looted from gorillas on SI, or there are usually a few travel bananas on auction house over there. Rottens are also used for some BPs and trading for apartments and shop stands.

Camp Crunks– Level 0 are found at Camp Crunks and the land area islands, this is also where the AI spawn while slaying zombies.

Zomhattan– pockets of different maturities throughout the land area, you will also run across some Street Kings and probably a spider or two.

Subway instances– All Zombies, maturities matter on the level lockpick you use. Also found in the middle of the Crib Raids.

Intelligent Zombies are needed for ‘The Cure’ mission

Decomposing Zombieonly found around the BioDome area in Zomhattan, goes to a mission but I can not remember which one atm.
Zombie Biker Enforcerwiki EL
Zombie Biker Nomadwiki EL
Zombie Biker Outlawwiki EL
Zombie Biker Prospectwiki EL
PvP land area Zombiesthese do NOT count for the Boot Camp or National Guard missions
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