50 Foot Party Girls

There does seem to be a bit of variety! They are all shared loot, except the Devine (yes, its misspelt ‘Divine’ on rock).

Where to find them? I have never paid attention to what kind I was shooting at, but where.. That I know a little about.

  • Ruxxnut Code behind EmpireZ building, deploy it at a terminal that is on a pile of burnt out vehicles. The mobs that spawn could be a few different kinds, but there is a stack of these 50 Foot Party Girls that can spawn there.
  • Dance Floors, place 10 ROCKtropia Records in the DJ Booth to start the party. Each floor has a level of Vixens, kill enough or randomly a 50 Footer will spawn and turn the party UP !
Android Party Girl
-Dance Floors
level 50wikiEL
Digital Party Girllevel 50 wikiEL
Glamor Party Girllevel 50 wikiEL
Electro Party Girllevel 50 EL
The Devine, she has her own pagelevel 74
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Dance Floors
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