NWO Prison – The Great Escape

Prison chat channel


Exit the jail: Leave thru the main doors and you will commence the final escape mission

The Great Escape Begins

Get to the Wardens Office /wp [Rocktropia, 135902, 91102, 129, Waypoint]
Find the shed ( /wp [Rocktropia, 135907, 91226, 129, Waypoint] )get thru undetected, you’ll see Houdini near the shipping containers /wp [Rocktropia, 135707, 91356, 130, Waypoint]
Get to the Water Tower /wp [Rocktropia, 135728, 91171, 158, Waypoint]
Survive the fall and return to the Yard

Start a Riot – Obj.: Kill 10,000 inmates or cops

Get to the Roof
Get to the Lighthouse
Signal a boat to the Island
Get to the Docks
Swim out to the Ocean

SHARK ATTACK! – Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks (works well with ‘Hunt for Capt Petter’)

Move location
Check out the Ocean Floor

SHARK ATTACK 2! – Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks

Swim to freedom – head to the small island
Look for the crate of supplies nearby on the beach
Enter the 4 digit code 5879 to disarm the device on the crate.

You receive 1 Strength + 3 Mystery items
Company cellphone
Set of keys, to the Safe House in New Harlem
Top Secret Company files folder
(These allow you to start ‘The Company’ mission chain)

and access to ‘The Cure’ mission that gets you the vaccine that allows you into the BioDome.

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