Prison chat channel

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Antonio Hatchet North of Tangerine:
Copy Antonio WP
kill 30 Soulshakers to get the combo to the safe. If he does not talk to you check with Mobil Mike
Get the lockpick out of the dumpsterCopy Lockpick WP
Get to the Dance Studio:
Copy Dance Studio WP
Find the safe up stairs. Put any combination in. It does not matter anymore. Kill the cops and then it well send you to prison. Head to the entrance and they will get you started on the massive prison chain.
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yeah, just head to the prison front gate and the intake officer will set you up with a Prison ID Card. Then it’s all about doing your time.

After messing with the safe, only 1 cop spawns. It usually gets killed instantly by a turret, so needs to abandon and redo the safe mission until the cop spawns far enough from turret. The mission says you need to kill 60 cops, but killing that one completes it. Then it tells you to go to prison and talk to the Booking Officer. Here I got stuck, as talking to the Booking Officer instantly kills me.

PCF, Svarog: 4/21/2017
Front doors of NWO max security facility & Prison ID card