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The Yard Missions

these can be done while doing your ‘NWO Prison Time’

NOTE: Certain prison mission progression must be met before theses open up.

10 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill 100 Inmates 80 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
20 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 200 Inmates160 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
30 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill 1000 Inmates85 hooch
40 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2500 Inmates150 clicks teleman coin BP
50 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 3500 Inmates10 Rocktropia rollies
60lb Dumbbell WorkoutKill 4000 Inmates160 hooch
70 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill (bugged ?)unknown
80 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2500 Inmates20 Prison Hooch
& 100 click Rolled Smokes BP
90lb Dumbbell WorkoutKill 10,000 Inmates200 clicks teleman coin
100 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2000 Inmates ?100 clicks teleman coins
300 lb. Dumbbell workoutKill 10,000 Inmates75 ped Shotcallers shank
& 100 click Teleman coin BP
100 lb. Prison Bench PressKill 1000 Zomhattan St Boyzunknown
Prison Curl Workout
– opens after final Tier 2 mission
Kill 100 Guards 50 Rocktropia Gold Coin