NWO Prison Penalty

Prison chat channel


When you leave NWO Prison as an inmate (had an ID card issued to you) and then return to the security facility there will be an extra 200 Inmates to kill before you are allowed to continue on the missions you may be on.

If you need a mission reset these are the guards to see. They have a 1 hour cool down.

  • Prison Life (Inmate in Main Hall or Inmate between Main Hall and Shower)
  • – kill 50 Inmates Reward
  • – Enables new mission to be started
  • No Way Out Maximum Security Prison (D Block Chow Officer or Solitary Confinement Officer(some of them))
  • – kill 50 Inmates
  • – Enables new mission to be started

I have noticed once I take one of these reset missions, all the other NPCs (such as the one on the stairs going to the one-way TP on 3rd floor) ALL have the cool down, blue exclam over there head. These also do not seem to work the black hole between Martinez and Chevnosky that has its own page for discussion.

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