REQUIRED: ‘The Road to War’ mission.

Troll Removal Service
Copy Lt Funk WP to Clipboardkill 50 Forum TrollsAim (eq. 0.05 PED implant)
#2 Soulshaker Invation
Copy Stg.Baker WP to Clipboardkill 100 SoulshakersCombat Reflexes 
The Graduation Years
Copy Sgt.Shramsky WP to Clipboardkill 300 SoulshakersROCKtropia Police Radio & Badge

Forum Trolls and Soulshakers can be found along South Gate Road, from the Club all the way down to the Tigers and around the clock tower at the Ballister Apartments and….

wiki note: trolls up in Harlem don’t count

TIP: Crib Raid 1 is full of Soulshakers, and the Lockpick 1 is a TT BP from any Technician.

With your badge and radio the repeatable ‘Police Missions‘ are unlocked.

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