BROKER: Kristi, you may need a few ROCKtropia Records on you or she may not speak to you.

Copy Kristi's WP to Clipboard

Might as well pick up the Crabs mission chain while you are there also.

Kristi at Playa Del Harlem
kill 100 HatersConcentration (eq. 0.09 PED)
Or Perception (eq. 0.26 PED)
Or Alertness (eq.0.17 PED) 
kill 500 HatersHandgun
Or Rifle
Or Longblades (eq 1.31 PED)
kill 1000 HatersClubs(1.72 PED)
or Shortblades (2.63 PED)
or Cryogenics (0.86 PED)
kill 5000 HatersCombat Reflexes
or Weapons Handling (13.13PED)
or First aid (4.3PED)
kill 10,000 HatersCourage (17.19PED)
or Dodge (8.59PED)
or Evade (8.59PED)
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