Booty Raids use a crafted lockpick, level 1 BP is available at the Technicians.

After level 1 lockpick your instance will end if you die!

Inside you will find only Vixens, there is a safe at the end to loot.

Team door is always next door to the Solo door.

For Best Rewards:

  • Repair Lockpick to full tt
  • shoot all the breakable glass
  • Roll the die for more vixen and higher points
  • Shoot out BOTH SIDES of the infrared security zappers

Booty LevelWaypoint
Inside building
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II: Not OpenCopy WP to Clipboard
III: Copy WP to Clipboard
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V [Rocktropia, 135484, 87965, 106, Booty 5]
VI[Rocktropia, 135710, 88051, 119, Booty 6]
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IX [135261, 87882, 122]
X [135228, 87916, 121]