First, I want to freely admit I am stealing much of Hammer’s work for this ( The reason for this is that RL has taken away most of Hammer’s time and things have changed on RT requiring updates to the guide, as well as to consolidate other info (Maps, etc). I am also adding links to other’s posts that explain various RT specific missions info:


…and I am trying to do the same, with an updated format, including the forum posts there and adding wiki knowledge. This is just a fan and volunteer situation, no ads, no collection of user data; no bullshit !

A counter was added so I would know if anyone ever comes here and to stay on as admin.

For spam and troll control there will be a user registration to post in the forums.


  • TRADE forums (shops, realestate, buy, sell)


  • Decide on site wide theme, separate looks are not working for me.
  • add more HELL info
  • dig up HTT info

Suggestions go here!

Huge Thank You to all the Rocktropians and visitors all the same, for asking questions and starting discussions so we can all learn about some of the lost gems of this planet partner.