Duty Calls

Click the walkie talkie in front of the army guy in HELL, next to the storage container. The objection of this one is Data Kong kill points.

Note** you cannot get this if The Great AI War is active so get it and the the AI War mission first

Stage 1: 3200 kill points
Stage 2: 6400 kill pointsShortblades 16.40 PED
or Inflict Ranged Damage 10.67 PED
or Bioregenesis 5.33 PED
Stage 3: 12800 kill pointsHandgun 38.80 PED
or Courage 21.33 PED
or First Aid 10.67 PED
Stage 4: 25600 kill pointsWeapon Technology 65.60 PED or
or Inflict Ranged Damage 42,67 PED or
or Evade 21,33 PED

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