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Snow – Death – Vulcan – Storm these all work for NI codex Snow Drake

War on the Horizon

Talk to Tina Lieu War is on the horizon. I sense a great power and


These have not given a mission since Next Island got codex, but on the bright

Beware of Kong

Kong Idol Spawn Tina Lieu Temple Guardian, also known as Island Girl What was once


These have been known to very rarely drop a fire skull or mystery box. The


Since Next Island has had codex the missions on SI have been disabled. The SI


Located in Zomhattan, this is full of Werewolf Leaders (lvl 18) that when slaying these


Some missions are SI originals and some are from Next Island. After NI received codex


These are known to both NI and SI, the mission chain for these come from


Yep, these are a hearty breed to find there way to Secret Island, but here


Just like the ones found on Rock and Caly these do work for Codex.


Another Secret Island exclusive mob! These drop the CND Banana that you will need to

Mystery Box

This powerful box is used to enter competition dungeons. Save these mystery boxes for official

Temple Runs

These are necessary for the ‘War on the Horizon’ mission for the Zombie Vaccine for