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PvP Mobs

Wolves, Zombies, Spiders and the Divine… Radiated Spider – (has its own page) Infected Staiger


These are the source for Rotten Bananas, it takes one Rotten Banana to travel to

Gary the Alien

I don’t know a thing about this mob. wiki EL external links open in new

Radiated Spider

You will find these in PvP, but they do what ever they want and you


Escapees from ‘Hunt the Thing‘ found in the ice and snow of the northern regions

Infected Wolf

Not sure to keep this page, or toss these wolves on to the PvP page…


A Rocktropian staple for ‘The History of Vampire Helena’ mission chain. SO many locations! It

Vampire Chick

These are the objective in the ‘Rise of the Lycans’ mission chain. /wp …go back


Found in the stadium and at Lemmy’s Castle. ‘Dominiques Domination’ Motorhead Security mission chain. ‘The