Category: Repeatable

The AI War

Not to be confused with ‘The Great AI War’ from HELL Check in with the

Public Disturbance

BROKER: Bones Yo how you living? I’m getting jammed by ROCKtropia Cops! They keep harassing

Disruptive DJ

This is a repeatable mission to kill 1000 Steampunks. See the DJ at the Dragons

NWO Prison Yard Missions

Prison chat channel #doingtime The Yard Missions these can be done while doing your ‘NWO

Vampire Wars

BROKER: Vampress Guard Casandra #1 Kill 100 Wolves (Scavenger / White / Sacred) #2 Kill

Bar Job – hourly

-Making Bank At the Bar REQUIREMENT: ‘The Bar Fly’ See the bartender Alia at Billy’s

The Color of Envy

BROKER: Jealous Vixen OBJECTIVE: kill shy vixen. Shy vixen can be found in the parking

Police Calls

These locations need checked, from before re-maping. REQUIRED: ‘Police Academy’, you must have your police

Mobile Mikes

If you cant take a mission or an NPC will not talk to you, it

Snake Hunting Contracts

These are repeatable missions, there is one for every color snake. Suzy McSnaketrader has the