The AI War

Not to be confused with ‘The Great AI War’ from HELL

Check in with the Presidential Recruiter ( Copy Broker's WP to Clipboard ) at the Club NEVERDIE parking lot to get this mission. You can pick up a free AI pistol and some free ‘cheap a$$’ ammo for it. There is a one day cool down on this NPC.

The objective is to kill 40 AI (Artificial Intelligence) and then return to the Recruiter, the rewards are:

  • Prepaid Credit Card (2 PED TT) – tt will say 0 PED, but it does give you 2 PED.
  • Cheap A$$ Ammo (1 PED TT) – for your AI pistol
    • Paystub – (non-tradable) collect them or refine them into Ruxx code
    • *for every mission turned in: 20 RockBucks Credit towards yearly payout (If you complete 260 missions in a year you can claim the RockBucks credited to your account).
    • * I HERD.. bring 260 pay-stubs to ND and get the reward.. Think about weather the Ruxx code is worth it or not! (could be rumor, discuss below)
AI spawned at the Parking Lot, City of Dreams
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Public Disturbance


Yo how you living?

I’m getting jammed by ROCKtropia Cops!

They keep harassing my guys who are trying to collect manufacturing parts up by the stadium construction site.

Can you distract the cops by fighting a few of them long enough to allow my guys to sneak back to the crib?

Thanks Cuz

wiki ~Bones

OBJECTIVE: Kill 200 ROCKtropia Beat Cop OR Kill 30 Pissed Off Cops

(there were more than one source of information for this mission)

REWARD: 200 ROCKtropia records <– same reward in all info sources

Frankly, I just don’t remember this mission, wiki says it’s repeatable. It is unknow if this is still a thing or not.

wiki and wiki
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Disruptive DJ

This is a repeatable mission to kill 1000 Steampunks.

See the DJ at the Dragons Head Pub in Tangerine

Copy Broker WP to Clipboard

REWARD: 12.75 ped (Dexterity or Longblades or Weap.Handling) or 4.11 ped Diagnosis or 8.23 ped Alertness.

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NWO Prison Yard Missions

Prison chat channel

Copy #doingtime to Clipboard


The Yard Missions

these can be done while doing your ‘NWO Prison Time’

NOTE: Certain prison mission progression must be met before theses open up.

10 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill 100 Inmates 80 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
20 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 200 Inmates160 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
30 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill 1000 Inmates85 hooch
40 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2500 Inmates150 clicks teleman coin BP
50 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 3500 Inmates10 Rocktropia rollies
60lb Dumbbell WorkoutKill 4000 Inmates160 hooch
70 lb. Dumbbell Workout Kill (bugged ?)unknown
80 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2500 Inmates20 Prison Hooch
& 100 click Rolled Smokes BP
90lb Dumbbell WorkoutKill 10,000 Inmates200 clicks teleman coin
100 lb. Dumbbell WorkoutKill 2000 Inmates ?100 clicks teleman coins
300 lb. Dumbbell workoutKill 10,000 Inmates75 ped Shotcallers shank
& 100 click Teleman coin BP
100 lb. Prison Bench PressKill 1000 Zomhattan St Boyzunknown
Prison Curl Workout
– opens after final Tier 2 mission
Kill 100 Guards 50 Rocktropia Gold Coin

Vampire Wars

BROKER: Vampress Guard Casandra

Copy Evil Cathedral WP to Clipboard
#1Kill 100 Wolves (Scavenger / White / Sacred)
#2Kill 500 Wolves
#3Kill 1000 Wolves
#4 Kill 5000 Wolves
#5 Kill 10,000 Wolves
#6 Kill ? Wolves, then becomes repeatable!Aim 7.13 PED
Weapons Handling 7.13 PED
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The Color of Envy

BROKER: Jealous Vixen

Copy WP to Clipboard

OBJECTIVE: kill shy vixen.

Shy vixen can be found in the parking lot at the Club and in level 1 Booty Raids (level 1 lockpick BP can be acquired from the Technicians).

After so many kills in the parking lot an AI will spawn, there are snipers at the lot so, watch your rage!

#1kill 12,800 Shy Vixen
#2 kill 25,600 Shy Vixen
#3 kill 51,200 Shy Vixen
#4 kill 102,400 Shy Vixen
#5 kill 204,800 Shy Vixen

After the chain is complete, the last mission is repeatable.

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Police Calls

These locations need checked, from before re-maping.

REQUIRED: ‘Police Academy’, you must have your police badge, police radio and a working cell phone in your inventory.

These are all repeatable, I’m not sure there is even a cool down timer.

ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-57Copy WPKill 40 Mulholland BoysCurrently NO ROCKtropian Gold Coins !!
ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-66Copy WPKill 60 Stereo Jackers ROCKtropian Gold Coins wiki
ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-88Copy WPKill 60 Harlem Hustlers4000 ROCKtropian Gold Coins wiki
ROCKtropia Police Call: 11-25
Copy WPKill 20 Soulshakers20 ROCKtropian Gold Coins wiki
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Once you pass over a location that has one of these missions a pop-up will ask you if you would like to respond to the call. You can have one or all of these missions at a time.

If you haven’t picked one of these up in a long while you should see Mobile Mike at his fix-it stand.

Mobile Mikes

If you cant take a mission or an NPC will not talk to you, it might be due to your Rocktropia cell phone being broken. It is good practice to check in with Mike at his stand now and then. My observation there is a 6 hour cool down, I have been pretty rough on my equipment lately.

Once you have completed the mission you will need to go back to Mike’s and pick up your ‘better than new’ cell phone.

Copy Mobile Mike's WP to Clipboard

There is a stand with a Mike in it up the street from Noobs Noobs Noobs club, but he is a complete idiot and cant tell the difference between a cell phone and a trucker hat.

Mike’s Services OfferedThe Price
Cell Phone Repairkill 200 mobs of any kind
not sure:
maybe a Radio Repair
could be Company Phone Repair
kill 50 Pop Dragons
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Snake Hunting Contracts

These are repeatable missions, there is one for every color snake. Suzy McSnaketrader has the contracts in her attaché cases on the bar behind her at the Dragon’s Head Pub in Tangerine. She can sign you up!

NOTE: Each mission is repeatable after a 1 hour cool down

Copy Suzy McSnake WP to Clipboard
Brown Snake Hunting Contractkill 1000 Brown Snakesunknown
Green Snake Hunting Contract kill 1000 Green Snakesunknown
Purple Snake Hunting Contract kill 1000 Purple Snakesunknown
Coral Snake Hunting Contract kill 1000 Coral Snakesunknown
Black Snake Hunting Contract kill 1000 Black Snakesunknown
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