Category: NWO Prison

Pre-NWO Max Security Prison

Prison chat channel [#doingtime] Antonio Hatchet North of Tangerine: kill 30 Soulshakers to get the

NWO Max Security Prison

REQUIRED: Pre-NWO Prison list Prison chat channel #doingtime If you are not serving your sentence

NWO Prison bug?

The Black Hole Between Martinez and Chevnosky Many Entropians seem to be stuck here, and

NWO Prison Yard Missions

Prison chat channel #doingtime The Yard Missions these can be done while doing your ‘NWO

NWO Prison Penalty

Prison chat channel #doingtime When you leave NWO Prison as an inmate (had an ID

The Cure

REQUIRED: NWO Prison mission chain NPC is Medical Officer inside Company Safe House (where ‘The


Located in Zomhattan, this is full of Werewolf Leaders (lvl 18) that when slaying these

The Company Missions

PCF, Dix Handley: 6/22/2017 Oh BTW on of the first Company Missions ( Don’t recall