Category: Rock Missions

30 Pound Dumbbell Workout

The objective is to kill Daikiba. See the apropriate workout station at Muscle Park to

Pre-NWO Max Security Prison

Prison chat channel [#doingtime] Antonio Hatchet North of Tangerine: kill 30 Soulshakers to get the

The AI War

Not to be confused with ‘The Great AI War’ from HELL Check in with the

Meet Frankie

Talk to Frankie Headstone He is located upstairs in the Pawn Shop, next door to

Rise of the Lycans

BROKER: Bartos the Lycan Rock Vampires and HELL Vampires work for this mission chain. #1

Hating on Haters

BROKER: Kristi, you may need a few ROCKtropia Records on you or she may not

Public Disturbance

BROKER: Bones Yo how you living? I’m getting jammed by ROCKtropia Cops! They keep harassing

A Tank with No Gas

BROKER: Sgt. Bill at the Gas n’ Go garage across from the Pawn Shop, New

NWO Max Security Prison

REQUIRED: Pre-NWO Prison list Prison chat channel #doingtime If you are not serving your sentence

Punching Bag Workout

See the appropriate workout station at Muscle Park to get this mission chain. #1 Kill

The Road to War

REQUIRED: ‘Hey DJ!’ – ya need your cell phone, in working order BROKER: Lt. Funk

Disruptive DJ

This is a repeatable mission to kill 1000 Steampunks. See the DJ at the Dragons

5 Pound Dumbbell Workout

The objective is to kill Thieves. Upon completion of the last in this chain you

Bar Fly & Motorhead Madness

Completing these missions will open up the hourly ‘Bar Job’ mission. The Bar Fly See

NWO Prison bug?

The Black Hole Between Martinez and Chevnosky Many Entropians seem to be stuck here, and

NWO Prison Yard Missions

Prison chat channel #doingtime The Yard Missions these can be done while doing your ‘NWO

Hey DJ!

REQUIREMENT: ‘Treys City of Dreams Tour’ BROKER: Trey in New Harlem OBJECTIVE: Get your mobile

Hauxley’s Hound Dogs

BROKER: Commander Hauxley #1 kill 100 Elvis Dragon #2 kill 500 Elvis Dragon #3 kill

Diesel in Distress

Diesel Rose does not talk to anyone anymore. This mission chain WAS for Old Wolf

The Tale of Vampire LeCroix

BROKER: Vampire LeCroix #1 kill 100 Phasm #2 kill 500 Phasm #3 kill 1000 Phasm #4 kill 5000 Phasm

Vampire Wars

BROKER: Vampress Guard Casandra #1 Kill 100 Wolves (Scavenger / White / Sacred) #2 Kill

NWO Prison Penalty

Prison chat channel #doingtime When you leave NWO Prison as an inmate (had an ID

Dominiques Domination

BROKER: Gatekeeper Big Skull Head at Lemmy’s Castle While you are here, turn around and

The Revenge Of Montose

BROKER: Gatekeeper Big Skull at Lemmy’s Castle While you are there, the mission for Motorhead

Assisting Mahone

See Officer Mahone in Old Harlem to sign up for this mission of helping with

The Lawn You Keep

Speak with Groundskeeper Billy to get in on this mission chain. The TP at Isle

The Cure

REQUIRED: NWO Prison mission chain NPC is Medical Officer inside Company Safe House (where ‘The

Bar Job – hourly

-Making Bank At the Bar REQUIREMENT: ‘The Bar Fly’ See the bartender Alia at Billy’s

Police Academy

REQUIRED: ‘The Road to War’ mission. #1Troll Removal Service kill 50 Forum Trolls Aim (eq. 0.05

Boot Camp – National Guard

To unlock this mission chain ‘The Road to War’ must be completed. ***Important note – ensure