Ruxxnet Spawn

at Empire Z Building

RUXXNET (wiki)

In a refiner, add:

  • 3 Pay-Stubs
  • 1970 Vibrant Sweat
  • 180 ROCKtropia Record
  • 10 Motorhead Keg

Deploy the Ruxxnet code in the terminal, looks like a smoking pile of cars behind the building, the spawns seem random, but always shared loot.

There are always some Ruxx codes in the local shops, a few on the Auction House and the trade channel is

  • /j #rocktropia  
  • /j #rocktrading

Using it at the terminal 135532, 93972 (near empire Z building)

Bar Fight at Billy’s Bar

Free at Billy’s bar! Just click on Billy’s drink and be whisked off to the bar fight. Full of forum trolls, after a few rounds be sure and keep an eye on that cash register to loot it before get kicked out.

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Zombie KONG Waves

At the Empire Z building, 17 waves of zombies till the BIG one! Zombie KONG !! the Kong will time out after a while.

Flat Tire Marina Basement

Located at Isle of Lost Avatar, the keys are available at the Flat Tire Marina to the east of the TP.

Bonzo’s Chop Shop

Located in Old Harlem, keys are available at Zombie Arms shop in Tangerine.

UK Fashion Basement

more to come

lvl 8 Zomhattan St Boyz, Tangerine. Keys available at the Lucky Hoffer shop also in Tangerine.

Booty Raids

Booty Raids use a crafted lockpick, level 1 BP is available at the Technicians.

After level 1 lockpick your instance will end if you die!

Inside you will find only Vixens, there is a safe at the end to loot.

Team door is always next door to the Solo door.

For Best Rewards:

  • Repair Lockpick to full tt
  • shoot all the breakable glass
  • Roll the die for more vixen and higher points
  • Shoot out BOTH SIDES of the infrared security zappers

Booty LevelWaypoint
Inside building
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II: Not OpenCopy WP to Clipboard
III: Copy WP to Clipboard
IV Copy WP to Clipboard
V [Rocktropia, 135484, 87965, 106, Booty 5]
VI[Rocktropia, 135710, 88051, 119, Booty 6]
VII Copy WP to Clipboard
VIII Copy WP to Clipboard
IX [135261, 87882, 122]
X [135228, 87916, 121]

Crib Raids

To enter a raid you will need a crafted lockpick, the level 1 BP is available at the Technicians.

After level 1, if you DIE, YOUR INSTANCE WILL BE OVER!

Team door is next to the solo door.

For best results

  • repair the lockpick to full TT
  • shoot out all the glass you come across
  • leave no mob standing
  • roll the die for a ‘Lucky 7’, or was that ‘Snake Eyes’?
  • shoot BOTH SIDES of any infrared security zappers you may find

Inside you will find some thugs, there are 4 vixens and if you are lucky one of the brunettes will be tamable, then you drop down to some zombies, then up the stairs back to thugs and of course there is a safe to loot at the end.

Crib LevelWaypoint
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II Copy WP to Clipboard
Harlem Hustlers
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VI [135254, 87863, 122]VI [135254, 87863, 122]
VII [135415, 88118, 105]VII [135419, 88117, 105]
VIII [135683, 87923, 118]VIII [135683, 87923, 118]
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To get into a Subway instance you will need a crafted lockpick (level 1 BP can be found at any Technician).

Solo and Team instances are available at each station.

For best results

  • repair the lockpick to full TT
  • shoot all the breakable glass
  • leave no zombie standing

The loot is in a crate at the end of the instance is directly behind you when you are done, doors open across a bridge to a big brown crate…

Subway LevelWaypoint
Subway I: Union StationCopy WP to Clipboard
Subway II: Second StreetCopy WP to Clipboard
Subway III: Financial DistrictCopy WP to Clipboard
Subway IV: Lower West SideCopy WP to Clipboard
Subway V: Industrial WayCopy WP to Clipboard
Subway VI: Copy WP to Clipboard
Subway VII [133995, 92586, 129]
Subway VIII Industrial Junction [Rocktropia, 135592, 94705, 124, Subway 8]
Subway IX [137291, 94789, 110]
Subway X [134489, 95192, 129]

Dance Floors

Plug 10 ROCKtropian Records in the DJ booth to start the party! If you activate the DJ booth and do NOT put in any records you may get a nag for the records every time you log in till you put them in.

Each color floor has a different level vixen to scan and kill, occasionally a shared loot 50 Foot Vixen will spawn.

L12 Touch Sensitive Cyborg
L23 Fembot Raver
L9 Digital Club Doll
L9 Cyber Street Vxen
L13 Electro Dance Machine
L24 Glamor Girl Drone
L11 Android Video Vixen
50 Foot Android Party Girl

Zombie Waves

All smaller Zombies at McGrunters Park, these do not count for the Army or National Guard missions.

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Wishing Well

50 Gold Rockcoins in the wishing well to spawn the King Hendrix Dragon. If you do not put in the coins after activating the well it will nag you every time you log in for the coins. There are many rumors of the loot it drops.

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Player Owned Instances

UK Fashion Basement – Soul – lvl 8 Zomhattan St Boyz

Wasted Rockstar Basement [134314, 83581, 144] – Melissa X – lvl 24 D-Block Mafia

Camp Crunk Cloth Crate – Unicate – lvl 1 Mulholland Boys

Flat Tire Marina Basement – QueenB – lvl

Bonzo’s Chop Shop – Forgo – lvl 50 (where the monster truck parts are)

needs a lot more info and locations.