Category: Rock Instance

Ruxxnet Spawn

at Empire Z Building RUXXNET (wiki) In a refiner, add: 3 Pay-Stubs 1970 Vibrant Sweat

Zombie KONG Waves

At the Empire Z building, 17 waves of zombies till the BIG one! Zombie KONG

Flat Tire Marina Basement

Located at Isle of Lost Avatar, the keys are available at the Flat Tire Marina

Crunk’s Clothing Crate

Located at Camp Crunks, the keys are available at a stand near the TP there.

Bonzo’s Chop Shop

Located in Old Harlem, keys are available at Zombie Arms shop in Tangerine.

UK Fashion Basement

more to come lvl 8 Zomhattan St Boyz, Tangerine. Keys available at the Lucky Hoffer

Vampire’s Tomb

Located in Tangerine, 2 hours of fun with your own harem of level 17 vampires.

Booty Raids

Booty Raids use a crafted lockpick, level 1 BP is available at the Technicians. After

Crib Raids

To enter a raid you will need a crafted lockpick, the level 1 BP is


To get into a Subway instance you will need a crafted lockpick (level 1 BP

Dance Floors

Plug 10 ROCKtropian Records in the DJ booth to start the party! If you activate

Zombie Waves

All smaller Zombies at McGrunters Park, these do not count for the Army or National

Wishing Well

50 Gold Rockcoins in the wishing well to spawn the King Hendrix Dragon. If you

Player Owned Instances

UK Fashion Basement – Soul – lvl 8 Zomhattan St Boyz Wasted Rockstar Basement [134314,

ZDF Secret Facility

REQUIREMENTS: complete Boot Camp & National Guard mission chains. This is a secret facility, you