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Ruxxnet Spawn

at Empire Z Building RUXXNET (wiki) In a refiner, add: 3 Pay-Stubs 1970 Vibrant Sweat


Similar to the mobs found on Caly, these do work for codex but you must

Zombie KONG Waves

At the Empire Z building, 17 waves of zombies till the BIG one! Zombie KONG

Flat Tire Marina Basement

Located at Isle of Lost Avatar, the keys are available at the Flat Tire Marina

Crunk’s Clothing Crate

Located at Camp Crunks, the keys are available at a stand near the TP there.

Bonzo’s Chop Shop

Located in Old Harlem, keys are available at Zombie Arms shop in Tangerine.

UK Fashion Basement

more to come lvl 8 Zomhattan St Boyz, Tangerine. Keys available at the Lucky Hoffer

Vampire’s Tomb

Located in Tangerine, 2 hours of fun with your own harem of level 17 vampires.

30 Pound Dumbbell Workout

The objective is to kill Daikiba. See the apropriate workout station at Muscle Park to

NWO Prison Mobs

These are the mobs you will find in NWO Prison. They are needed for the

Pre-NWO Max Security Prison

Prison chat channel [#doingtime] Antonio Hatchet North of Tangerine: kill 30 Soulshakers to get the

PvP Mobs

Wolves, Zombies, Spiders and the Divine… Radiated Spider – (has its own page) Infected Staiger

The AI War

Not to be confused with ‘The Great AI War’ from HELL Check in with the


Similar to the mobs found on Caly, these do work for codex but you must

Possessed Wolf

These are very angry mobs! wiki EL external links open in new tab

Hendrix Dragon

MISSION: ‘The Passions of Vampire Clarice’ wiki EL external links open in new tab

Puny Panther

Tamable panthers, if you take out enough puny panthers a level 23 Panther will spawn,

Meet Frankie

Talk to Frankie Headstone He is located upstairs in the Pawn Shop, next door to

Rise of the Lycans

BROKER: Bartos the Lycan Rock Vampires and HELL Vampires work for this mission chain. #1

Hating on Haters

BROKER: Kristi, you may need a few ROCKtropia Records on you or she may not

Public Disturbance

BROKER: Bones Yo how you living? I’m getting jammed by ROCKtropia Cops! They keep harassing

A Tank with No Gas

BROKER: Sgt. Bill at the Gas n’ Go garage across from the Pawn Shop, New

NWO Max Security Prison

REQUIRED: Pre-NWO Prison list Prison chat channel #doingtime If you are not serving your sentence

Gamgels Dragon

Similar to the Pop Dragon young. wiki EL external links open in new tab


It has been said that this tamable spawns in NWO Prison. That is all that


New to Rock, found on Isle of Lost Avatar <– external link. Single maturity mob


Seems variety is a good thing! Android Video – Cyber Street – Digital Club –

Punching Bag Workout

See the appropriate workout station at Muscle Park to get this mission chain. #1 Kill

The Road to War

REQUIRED: ‘Hey DJ!’ – ya need your cell phone, in working order BROKER: Lt. Funk

Rudolf Dragon

Rudolf, all the way! wiki EL external links open in new tab


What would life be if there were no haters? MISSION: ‘Hating on Haters’ chain AI