Category: HELL

Duty Calls

Click the walkie talkie in front of the army guy in HELL, next to the

Belkar Mining Raid

The mission for Belkar mining. Broker is located at HELL Landing, the stretcher of skeletons.

Horny Devils

For the mission ‘A Deal With The Horny Devil’

Firewall Key

Minimum value 20 ped key to be used in 1 – 4. 1 solo wiki


Mission chain for Demon vengeance points.

Data Meltdown

This mission chain is for kill points of cyber kongs. You must have a Green

Firewall Skeleton

Found in the Hell instances /wp [Hell, 39160, 21252, 101, Firewall Ridge]


Found in some of the HELL domes. More to come later… Asmodia’s Legionnaire Astaroth’s Legionnaire


Various locations in Hell, I will add them as I re-map the areas. lvl 7-12

Data Kong

All these work for ‘Data Meltdown’ mission chain Worm Kong, lvl 8 Virus Kong, lvl


more to come later… Demon Hacker, lvl 27 Code Demon, lvl 46 Cyber Demon Demon